Jeffrey Chua, Ed.D.


Jeffrey Chua, Ed.D. is a lifelong learner, educator and researcher. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry and a Master's and Doctorate degree in Educational Leadership. His main area of focus is in improving the K-12 educational system and the underrepresentation of low SE students (especially women) in STEM.


Dr. Chua's foray into education was more of providence rather that intentional. He started his teaching career in 2001 at Ateneo de Manila High School, a prestigious Catholic school located in the Philippines. There, he spent seven years teaching different areas: Chemistry, Physics and Biology and learning the Ignatian pedagogy. In 2007, he moved to Lake City, South Carolina and spent three fruitful years teaching and learning 10th to 12th graders Chemistry, Physics and IPC. It was what he experienced teaching during these years that Dr. Chua was made fully aware of the inequities that low SE students suffered and the huge learning gaps that existed. During his move to Texas in 2010, Dr. Chua made a promise to improve himself and help bring light to the suffering of low SE students and bridge the existing learning gaps. He taught from 2010 to 2018 at John Tyler High School, taking on the role of Chemistry AP teacher and Science department chair. It was during these years that he obtained a Master's degree in Educational Leadership from the University of Texas at Tyler. With his continuous thirst for more knowledge, he enrolled in the educational leadership Doctoral program at Stephen F. Austin State University. In 2018, Dr. Chua moved to Garland ISD to teach at the early college level and in 2021 he obtained his Doctorate degree in Educational Leadership from SFASU.